Skarsmoen Gård is located in a magnificent forested area between Øyer and Tretten, with an interesting and diverse flora (0.7km from highway E6). On tours in magnificent surroundings (marked touring trails) you can chance upon elk, deer and other wild animals.

During the winter, there are prepared ski trails through the forest. Short distance to the river Lågen with the waterfall Hovdfossen — excellent fishing area. The farm is run in a traditional manner based on livestock (cows and calves). We can arrange for sleigh-rides and dog-team driving.

Capacity: Accommodation/meals approx. 50 persons


Lillehammer approx. 25km
Hunderfossen Family Park approx. 12 km
Hafjell Alpine Facility approx. 12 km
Øyerfjellet (touring trails) approx. 13 km
Kvitfjell approx. 20 km
Oslo         approx. 200 km